Chilled Lamb

  • Raw Lamb
    Product Number Product Name Weight / Size Quote Quantity
    039652 AJ LAMB LEG BONELESS 2.5KG KG Subtract Add
    036245 ROI LAMB MINCE 5KG New Product 1 X 5KG Subtract Add
    039411 ROI ONLY LAMB DICED 5KG 1X5KG Subtract Add
    032158 ROI ONLY LAMB MINCE 1 X 2KG Subtract Add
    039436 ROI ONLY LAMB RUMP BONELESS 2 PACK 1 X 1.8KG Subtract Add
    039412 ROI ONLY LAMB SHANK HQ 1 X 2 Subtract Add
    032159 ROI ONLY LAMB SHOULDER KG Subtract Add
    032160 ROI ONLY LEG OF LAMB BONED AND ROLLED New Product KG Subtract Add

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