1. Menu Planning

To help with stock control, ensure you menu plan with items that can be stored and are readily available to maximise ingredients.

2. Get your menus out there early

Help attract bookings by showcasing your festive menus and special events or offers early whilst people are starting to plan ahead.

3. Portion Control

Help reduce waste by attention to portion control. Pre-portioned frozen desserts that are thaw and serve are ideal to cater based on covers expected, or pre-orders in advance.

4. Shout out value for money

Deals and promotions can be a great way to upsell whilst providing value for money experience such as 2-course or 3-course offers… and deals can get people through the door or booking in advance.

5. Dont forget takeaway and deliveries

To help save costs on transport, drinking and childcare, some may opt to eat at home, so have some takeaway options available! Don’t forget your packaging!

6. Mix it up

Add a festive twist to make your menus more special than normal - unique twists help attract younger customers whilst nostalgia will be more appealing to your older customer base

Entice customers to go for a starter and dessert by creating specials which can be made to help use up various ingredients that are left over! It’ll also keep your menu interesting!

7. Create the occasion

Dining out will be a treat and there’s a high expectation to make it worthwhile and a memorable occasion – so from your menu, to décor, to atmosphere and customer service, offering people what they can’t get at home is vital.

World Cup fever – if you are showing the world cup, expect the crowds to gather and it’s a great opportunity to upsell food offer and sharing platters… or even take family bookings for later in the month.

8. Look out for dietary requirements

Our website can provide you with a range of nutritional and allergen information for our products!

9. Keep it simple

With a likelihood of a Christmas surge, ensure you keep yourself streamlined and operations easy by using ready to finish dishes and desserts.

10. If it's not dining out - help them dine in!

Creating take-away options such as treat platters or sharing dishes, that can be offered for family film nights that aren’t focused on dining out, could be a great way to add something different whilst keeping costs low.

11. Keep customers confident

With almost a third of people saying they’re still nervous about Covid, especially over 55’s or those who are vulnerable… emphasise hygiene and safety measures still in place or perhaps allocating “quiet” areas or mealtime opportunities for those who wish to avoid crowds such as early tea time specials.

12. Be prepared for cancellations

It’s likely you will experience a rise in cancellations based on ever changing circumstances. You may wish to add small fees to bookings to ensure you are provided with enough notice and avoid last minute empty seats.