Our Core Values matter to us

Our Core Values are at the heart of our business, drive our customer first mission and act as a guide for everything we say and do.  Developed with our employees and carry the full support of the Board, reflect our key strategic objective to attract, develop and retain the best talent – essential to the long-term success of our business.




Customers first


Nothing is more important than the interests of our customers; every decision we make is guided first and foremost by them.  We understand what our customers want, we provide solutions to ensure the customer will benefit from every action we make.

Be the best

Our success has been built on the work of a talented, committed and dedicated team. Our staff are encouraged to always seize the initiative and take the opportunity to do the best. For our management team, it's all about recruiting, developing and rewarding the best. Our goals are important to us and we need the very best people to help us achieve them.


Us before me


There's only one way to succeed - we all have to pull together and support each other towards achieving our goals. Individual success is important but making the right decision for Henderson Foodservice should always come first. Treat every day as a new opportunity to win together and don't forget to balance all the hard work with a bit of fun!


Own it


Everyone should take responsibility for the success of the company like they own it. We take personal responsibility for costs, outputs and reputation. We are accountable for our own and our team results that contribute to the success of our business.


Do it the right way


It's about being responsible to each other, our suppliers, our communities and our customers. We are open, trustworthy, respectful and do the right thing. We inspire trust when we do as we say and honour our commitments.