What makes us special?

We aim to embed quality into everything we do; whether that’s in our people, service, products.  Our proposition is all about being hungry to deliver this quality to you, our customers.

QUALITY: Delivering quality across our business is core to our success. 


  • We set high standards and ensure our systems and processes are efficient and up to date to help serve our customers.  
  • Our customer advice and support is not only there for you but to help us as a business understand where we need to improve and the support our customers need.
  • Ensuring we do quality checks and comply with audits, inspections and overall functions within each team, ensures we delivery quality at every aspect.


PASSION: We're passionate about everything we do.

  • Our teams are motivated to go above and beyond to help customers as well as one another.
  • Our core values keep us focussed on always doing the best we can and putting our customers first.
  • We all share one passion - a love of great food!



RELATIONSHIPS: Developing and maintaining great relationships keeps us personal.


  • We work with suppliers old and new to ensure we keep up to date with products for our customers.
  • Our teams work together, have fun and give back to the communities we live and work in.




KNOWLEDGE: Our heritage and experience keeps us in the know


  • We train our teams to be knowledgable and experienced to help give the right advice and provide solutions to our customers.
  • Knowledge is power and by empowering our teams to learn and develop, puts us ahead to help provide solutions help our customers succeed.




PRIDE: We are proud of our business, products and relationships


  • We care about our products and understand the importance of quality to our customers.
  • Ensuring we have a great range, taking pride in our services, delivery and all the work we do by living our core values, makes us a great company to work for and work with.