A helping hand for chefs

Introducing an exclusive range of chef-crafted, ready to finish meal solutions that have been expertly prepared for chefs, by chefs!

The ultimate "READY, STEADY, COOK!"

This range has been developed by Henderson Kitchen’s Executive chef, Carl Johannesson, to be ideal for Foodservice and catering. With this range we deliver:


✅Maximum flavour

✅Maximum ease

✅Maximum results


As an accomplished culinary professional who oversaw restaurants such as the James Street South Group, Carl understands what our customer’s need most when their service & staffing gets challenging. Every line is meticulously prepared by our team of cooks using quality ingredients and is rapidly frozen, ensuring freshness is locked-in to extend shelf life and reduce wastage. The convenient pack size facilitates easy portioning & reduces the complexity, time, and resource requirements of scratch cooking. Giving our customer the power to serve complete meals with consistency service after service.

Features and Benefits


  • Super easy preparation
    Our dishes are ready to finish, making kitchen
    life smoother and prep time shorter, helping to get those plates out quicker without compromising quality.
  • Quality ingredients
    All our ingredients are sourced for best flavour, authenticity, and great dining experience.
  • Trusted heritage
    Backed by the reputable Henderson brand known for our commitment to excellence and long-standing presence in hospitality industry.
  • Extended shelf life
    By utilising blast freezing technology, the range offers longer shelf life, reducing the frequency of ingredient restocking.
  • Menu customisation
    Our versatile dishes act as a canvas, allowing chefs to add their creative touch and tailor meals to their needs. 
  • Not your average assembly line – no mass production
    Each dish is crafted
    to chef’s recipe to ensure the highest quality.
  • Full product specifications and nutritional information
    details of ingredients, allergens and nutritional information provided for all products.