Summer Burgers

Burgers continue to top the dinner dish menus. With protein being the biggest drive. Get creative with a range of options for the customer to build their own burgers. Have fun and name your burgers.


Why Build a burger?


Burgers are a menu staple with customers wanting more personalization, new and interesting flavours and a wider choice of menu options.


Keeping it simple for education, fast food and retailers who may just want the basics.


Adding some value with pre-prepped onion, tomato and lettuce with sliced cheese and seeded burger buns.


Premiumisation- various burger buns from pretzel to brioche, quality ingredients focusing on flavoured cheeses, pulled pork, burger relishes and sauces. As well as accompaniments from onion rings, chips etc. Ideal for higher end pubs, millennial focus outlets, restaurants, and city centre outlets etc.


Build a burger ideas

  • Bacon and egg topping - perfect way to introduce a breakfast burger!
  • Unseeded buns work well or kick it up a notch with Brioche buns. Have fun with the bun.
  • The saucier the burger the better, traditionally tomato and mustard sauces are used. Why not also try Ballymaloe country relish or Country Range peri peri sauce to spice it up.
  • Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian - catering for all is possible. We have Quorn meat free burgers along with gluten free buns.
  • Vegan Burgers, buns, mayonnaise
  • Edam, cheddar, smoked or good old fashioned gouda. Cheese is traditionally used to bring the oozy soft texture to a burger. Try the adventurous side to a burger by adding brie, gorgonzola or jalapeno cheddar.
  • Toppings make the burger; onions, lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, pickles, pineapple... the list is endless.
  • Sliders (mini burgers) are trendy to serve to patrons especially in the summer months.
  • Try different coloured Buns , make it colourful! Try the new Coghlans Beetroot burger buns with black sesame seeds


Burger recipes

Discover our burger recipes a must to add to your menus