Inferno Burger

This 'Too hot to handle' Burger adds a bit of fire to your menu. You will have the customers coming back for more. 

#Recipe by Martin Duggan




  • 4 Coghlans 4.5in chipotle and onion burger bun with balck sesame 
  • 4 Butterfly chicken fillet
  • 100g Country Range plain flour 
  • 2 Cavanagh free range medium eggs 15 dozen
  • 100g Country Range Panko breadcrumbs
  • 10g Country Range garlic powder
  • 10g Country Range cayenne pepper
  • 10g Country Range Chilli powder
  • 75g Country Range jalapenos sliced
  • 75g Kuhne pickled  gherkins
  • 100g shredded iceburg lettuce 3mm
  • 1 Beef tomatoes
  • 150ml Country Range real mayonnaise
  • 100ml Franks original red hot cayenne pepper sauce
  • 50ml Frenchs American mustard
  1. Dredge the chicken fillet in seasoned flour (adding salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder and chilli- keep 5g of this back for the sauce), then egg, then through a 50/50 panko and seasoned flour mix and set to one side. This will create a nice crunchy coating and will help protect the chicken from drying out.
  2.  Mix together the hot sauce, mustard and mayo, along with excess chilli powder.
  3. To assemble: Toast the chipotle bun and layer with a slice beef tomato, gherkins, jalapenos and then the burger. Top with the fiery mayo and toasted top bun and garnish with a roasted chilli