What's going on in the market?

Want to keep on top of the latest trends that impact on your business...?  Here are some hints and tips on what's going on to keep you up to date and how we can help.

International brands continue to enter the Irish food market

We want to ensure we can offer our customers a wide variety of brands which include local, national, and international brands.  Click here to browse our range.

Expectation for higher quality foods at an affordable price

Our teams can help you deliver top quality meals at a great price to help you maintain and control your budgets. We’ll also keep you informed of any price changes due to market fluctuations. Contact us to get a quote.

Take away and grab-and-go concepts are driving foodservice growth

We recognise the growing demand for convenience and grab-and-go solutions, that’s why we’ve extended our range of food to go packaging solutions to help you keep up with customers on the move. Browse our range of packaging solutions.

Healthier foods are trending and influencing menus

We have a wide range of healthy and guilt-free options including allergen focuses such as gluten free to help you provide for your health conscious customers. Find out more about our gluten free range.

Provenance is often associated with “better for you” items

We aim to source as much of our fresh meat and produce from Ireland to be able to trace from farm to fork.  Irish produce is amongst the best quality in the world so we are proud to be able to have great relationships with our suppliers. Browse our range.

Increase in tourism is influencing local and traditional menu items

Local produce and traditional goods are a big part of our range.  From traditional Irish Wheaten Bread, products to make up a traditional Ulster Fry or a wide variety of local cheeses and dairy products, we have something to keep a local feel on your menus. Browse our range.

It’s not just about food, beverages are diversifying

Our range includes a wide variety of cold and hot beverage solutions. We work closely with leading brands to launch new and innovative ranges, and with the impending sugar tax, it’s important you have a great range that will keep you ahead of the game. Have a look at our wide range of drinks.

Food inflation is putting pressure on control costs

We want to be able to provide you with ideas and solutions to help you control your budget and wastage is a growing opportunity to help with this. Follow us on Twitter for our #wastenotWednesdays updates and look out for hints and tips throughout our website. Sign up to our newletter.

Keeping menus innovative and fresh

Alongside our suppliers including Country Range and national brands, we have a selection of recipe ideas to help give your menus a twist. Be inspired by our trends, insights and recipe ideas.