• Know the regulations and what you can/can’t do for indoor dining reopening – we’ve provided a guide for you below.

  • Prior preparation and planning – get ahead with cleaning, stock checks, social distancing set ups and bringing staff back.

  • Get your orders for stock placed early and in advance – it will help you identify any forgetsies and you may need to reorder stocks of frozen, dry goods and non-food.

  • Place your fresh orders closer to opening.

  • Ensure you have hand sanitiser stations and plenty of sanitiser. 

 Here’s a quick recap and checklist of restrictions that will be in place:

  • Seating & capacity - have you completed your risk assessment; Table numbers max 6 (from x 2 households); or max 10 (from 1 x household).

  • Social distancing layouts to comply with 2m, especially queueing.

  • Track & Trace – capturing customers information must be compliant with GDPR and dedicated staff to support; as well as securely storing the information and never left unattended.

  • Compliance with face masks for guests when not at tables (unless exempt).

  • Hygiene - ensure you have all sanitisers in place and available at entrances and exits, as well as wrapped cutlery/napkins and condiment portions available.

Our delivery drivers and sales reps will be complying with our hygiene and social distancing regulations too! We're all still in it together.

The post-pandemic landscape may be a little different but we're still here, ready and excited to welcome you back to business!

Get in touch with us direct via our telesales, field sales teams or online if you have any questions on our product range.

If you have not been trading for some months, it’s likely you’ll need a complete stock up from dry goods, frozen, fresh, non-food… it’s easy to shop with us online and browse our range. Use our quick links below to get to each category.