Veganuary is a great time to start planning something new to add to your menus to entice and delight Vegan diners or diners giving Veganuary a go!

In 2021, over 500,000* people around the globe signed up, with 85% revealing they plan to continue to halve their intake of animal products… it’s a big market out there to keep up with.


According to research by The Vegan Society, 1 in 4 consumers have reduced the amount of animal products in their diet since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s been a huge wave of habit changes during that time, motivated by healthier diets and consideration for the environment.

Although the vast majority have reduced the amount of meat they are eating, reducing eggs and dairy has also contributed to the movement of a more vegan-based diet.


With the ongoing demand for vegan-friendly products, there’s pressure on hospitality and catering to offer great, innovative and tasty meat/dairy alternatives on their menus. But it doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s easy to entice vegan diners to continue to dine and entice even those who aren’t vegan to give something new a try.

How we can help

We’re pleased to offer you a wide range of great products for you to add to your menus, along with recipe ideas from leading plant based brands.
Small changes to your menus can make a big difference… why not try adding plant-based milks such as oat or coconut milks, or creating some hearty dishes with lentils and chickpeas?

Of course, there’s the trusty meat-free alternative products too such as Quorn mince, or the fantastic range from Moving Mountains… and not forgetting desserts and treats too! They’re so good, you wouldn’t even know they’re dairy free!
*The Vegan Society

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