Thinly slice the red onion and place into a container with 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water and soak for a few hours, deep fry the fish goujons and make a cut on the top of the brioche roll and place the rocket and fish inside. Spoon the tartar sauce on top and add the pickled red onion on top of the tartar sauce.

Dice the cucumber and tomato and thinly slice the red cabbage then cook off the fish goujons. Lay out the 3 wraps and place the rocket and red cabbage equally onto each wrap, place one fish finger on top of each wrap. Spoon the tartar sauce onto each fish finger and add the tomato and cumber on top of them finally add the hot sauce on top.

Deep fry the battered fish, cut and toast the ciabatta and spread the mushy peas on the bottom half. Place the cooked piece of fish on top and add the tartar sauce and rocket on top of the fish to finish add the top half of the ciabatta on top of the rocket.

When your fish has defrosted cut in 90g pieces and bread, mix the mayo and harissa paste together and heat up your mushy peas. Toast burger bun and place the cooked breaded fish on top of the bottom half of the bun and spoon the mushy peas on top of the fish. Add the harissa mayo on top of the peas and finish by adding the rocket and top half of the bun.


Deep fry the fish and chips as stated on their packs and heat up the mushy peas, serve with a dip of tartar sauce.