Veganuary is a great time to start planning something new to add to your menus to entice and delight Vegan diners or diners giving Veganuary a go!

We’ve a range of ideas, solutions and products that can revive your New Year menus. Have a browse at our links below for inspiration.

Why Veganuary?

With more than 629,000 people signing up for Veganuary in 2022, breaking all previous records and six months after completing their one-month Veganuary challenge, 28% continued to eat a full vegan diet* there is continued interest in trying more plant based meals. In fact, The Vegan Society have found that “80% of Veganuary participants eating > 50% less meat, dairy & eggs six months after taking part”.*

Bord Bia’s most recent 2022 report, also states that 19% of people surveyed are more likely to prioritise vegan or vegetarian options and 57% are more likely to prioritise food that is healthy when eating out*.

While value for money, promotions, low-cost options, locally sourced products and sustainable packaging are also a priority, it is important to have a substantial offering at this time of year.

How can we help you?

To help you with planning your Veganuary menus we have an extensive selection of new vegan lines to interest and entice your customers to make some simple swaps to their food choices throughout the month of January and beyond.

From dairy-free alternatives such as the new Flora Plant butter and cream, vegan condiments & sauces, a variety of existing meat-free options like Quorn and sweet dairy-free desserts and treats… we have a huge selection to help you switch to delicious vegan substitutes!

We also have a variety of unique recipes using our stocked selection of vegan products to show you how easy it is to prepare and create incredible vegan meals from scratch or from frozen. 

*Source: Bord Bia 2022 Irish Foodservice Market Consumer Insights &
The Vegan Society Veganuary 2022 Participants.

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